Here is our second Classic Sermon from Bishop William Cruver.  

This was recorded about 3 months before our oldest daughter was born.   (Who is now 26 and married - just this month as a matter of fact).

I think the audio recording held up pretty good over time, but there are some pops and hisses that I couldn't quite clean up.

I wanted to record as many messages as possible for my kids.  (At the time, my wife Denise and I had no idea how many kids that would be - turned out to be 2 daughters, who are full grown adults now).

As you will notice in other sermons, you can hear the girls making noise (cooing, crying and outright yelling)  in the background...

Bill used to always say, "Keep the kiddos here in the room, we don't mind a little noise!"  

But in this message there is no background child noises, as the kiddos were not born yet.  

Still there is a part in this message that you can imagine visually, Bill took off his belt and beat the wooden railing with it to simulate how Paul and Silas were beaten for the cause of Christ.  

Bill used to use visual illustrations as much as possible.  

I'm glad we at the church can continue to share these messages with you.  

As we upload them, they are in no particular order;  just as I find them and transfer them to digital format.  However, I have tagged them with pertinent keywords for the search bar.

Enjoy this message and feel free to share on social media or however you would like.

Pastor Harvey
Highland Park Christian Church
July 22, 2020


Acts 16, Bill Cruver, Bishop William Cruver, Love, Paul and Silas

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