Join Bishop Cruver and his evening congregation from April of 1994 as they study Daniel 3.

Bill, in his usual way, asks questions of the audience, so that part may be a little difficult to hear.  But usually Bill repeats aloud what the audience members respond.

In this message you can hear Bill mention his wife, Betty, his lifelong partner in love and promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ.   And you can hear Betty read some scripture.  This may be another trip down memory road for some of you.

Again, as we come across these sermons/messages from Bill, we will continue to share them with you.

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Pastor Harvey
(Bill's Son in Law)
Highland Park Christian Church
August 13, 2020

P.S. - I know the video is labeled April 19, 1994 - It was actually April 24, 1994.
But since this is the year 2020, I guess making a small error in the days of the recording over 16 years later isn't THAT big of a deal, right?


Abednego, Bishop William Cruver, Daniel 3, Fiery Furnace, Golden Idol, Meshach, Shadrach

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