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First of all a HUGE "Thank You" to all who have been supporting our church both prayerfully and financially throughout these times.

It has truly been a joy, a pleasure and a blessing to prepare the online-worship pages for you and your little ones.  

But...we really want to open the church building again to worship as a community together.  

Secondly, we want to remind you, that The Church is NOT our building (as you know), so really the The Church has never closed, (Matthew 16:17-18).  

We thank all of you who have maintained Christlike characteristics throughout this time.  Many have reached out and offered love and assistance to those in and outside of The Church and continue to do so.  

This page will serve as an updated source of information for you to keep you informed about our building reopening process and procedures.

We Will Open for Church Services
This Sunday, May 31, 2020

2020-05-27 -Tuesday-the latest news...

Houses of worship have been cleared by the city and county of Los Angeles to reopen this weekend provided they follow the guidelines out distributed by the CDC and county health department, which of course we will do.  

Steps we are taking at Highland Park Christian Church to help you worship in safety.

Even though we are reopening for worship, you do not need to feel obligated to return yet.  If you are in an "at risk" category, please stay home and take care of yourself.  We will miss and pray for you, but your health is of paramount importance.

Additionally, we will record and upload the message to this site after the service for those that cannot join us yet. 

Please take time to read the following...
As we still need to be responsible and vigilant during this time...

Face masks are required for entry

Please bring your own face mask that covers your nose and your mouth.  

Hymnals have been removed

Hymnals have been removed from the seats. We will worship with the lyrics on screen.  We WILL sing while donning our face masks.

NO children's Sunday School

We love children and would love to have you bring them to worship with us, but unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate children's Sunday School.

Social Distancing guidelines are applied

We have taped off every other row to keep that 6' distance and request that family groups stick together.  

This means smaller gatherings, if we need to do a second service, then we will.  You may be asked to return later.

Social Distance Estimates

Hand sanitizer is now available

Bottle of hand sanitizer is available near the entryway of the church.  (But you are welcome to bring your own.)  

We look forward to seeing you this weekend...
If you are able to join us, please come on by.  We will welcome you from a distance with an "air-hug";  that is a wave!.. But rest assured, we will be smiling under our masks and would love for you to join us if possible.